i have no idea how i would find someone to date, as a gay dude

even online

or even make friends, really

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it's too warm, there's too little to do, and i feel too crappy

i am not feeling very happy at the moment.
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playing spelunky

Oh man, I just got lucky with throwing a bomb and managed to blow up the path to the secret entrance on my first try. It was up high with no ledges so I had to take the risk but it worked out! wooooo

edit: ...then right after I died. Oh well.


oh god the place i'm moving to tomorrow won't have internet

and i have no idea which provider to go with either so i can't jump start the process as soon as possible

: (
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What's the point of max MP in FFTA2?

I'm fighitng a White Pudding with a max MP of 428. It's never going to get that high. Hell, it's unlikely to get half that high.

I get that they were going for a system where you couldn't just use all your awesome magicks at the start, but they went about it all wrong. This is just silly.
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